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Lecture notes

Lecture notes of a course on Algebra 1, 2020.

Link to the lecture notes on Blueprints and Tropical Scheme Theory, 2018.

Lecture notes of a course on Galois theory, 2018.

Lecture notes of a series of 4 lectures on F1-geometry, held at IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, in January 2014.

Lecture notes of the talk F1-geometry, given at the Mathematische Arbeitstagung, Bonn 2009.


Slides of the talk "A guide to mathematical writing", as part of the thesis preparations in Groningen, 2021.

Slides of the talk "Towards a cohomological unerstanding of the tropical Riemann-Roch theorem", held at the Conference F1-Geometry and Motives, on the occasion of Alexander Smirnov's 65th Birthday, 2019.

Slides of the talk "The Moduli Space of Matroids", held in Tuebingen, 2019.

Slides of the talk "What is a Tropical Scheme?", held in Regensburg, 2018.

Slides of the talk "From Quadratic Reciprocity to the Langlands Programme", in honor of Langlands receipt of the Abel prize, held in Rio de Janeiro, 2018.

Slides of the talk "Matroids in Tropical Geometry", held at ALGA, Rio de Janeiro 2017.

Slides of the talk "F1-geometry and Its Applications", held at the 6th European Congress of Mathematics, Krakow 2012.