Algebra 1 in 2016

General informations

The course takes place from March 7 till June 29, every Monday and Wednesday at 13:30--15:00 in room 224.

The course will have two exams and weekly exercise lists. Solutions to the exercises will be returned and discussed in the exercise class. The exercise class takes place every Wednesday at 17:30--19:00 and are supervised by Esteban Arreaga.

The grades for the course will be calculated from the grades of the exams, and it can be improved by points achieved for homework.


The course has an intermediate exam and a final exam. The date of the first exam is April 25, 13:30--16:00, in room 228. The date of the final exam is June 29, 13:30--16:00, in room 232.

The exams are open book exams, i.e. you can take your notes and books and use them during the exam. Electronical gadgets (computer, tablet, cell phone, et cetera) are not allowed.

Exercise lists

List 0 (not to hand in)

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

List 5

List 6 (not to hand in)

List 7

List 8

List 9

List 10

List 11

List 12

List 13

List 14 (not to hand in)

List 15 (not to hand in)